Fly'n high and lov'n it!

Beneath the Canopy provides high resolution detailed photographs of your site.

Starting with a ground survey with you to identify boundaries and key locations that you want photographed.

We guarantee to get it right.

Tourism Photography

Servicing the tourism industry for over 15 years, we supply everything from aerial photography, virtual tours of your property to complete website design.

Photography will be done in your choice of medium format, 35 mm, or high resolution digital photographs or video. You will receive a full range of photographs to pass on for print media, enlarge or add to your website.

As a full service supplier, we will keep your project on time and on budget.

Construction Photography

Beneath the Canopy provides complete construction photography with 24 years of experience.

We have produced construction photographs from within some of the deepest mines, to aerial photographs in every terrain - everything from shaft drilling to high rise.

If you can build it, we can photograph it and get it to your website—so the world can see your expertise.

Tourism Photography

Construction Photography